Tire Replacement Service in Waterford Township, Michigan

There is no sound more dreaded than that loud “POP” when you are driving along. Everyone knows that sound, the one that means you have popped or shredded your tire and your day just got a little bit longer. It happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime, but everytime it happens,  its enough to ruin your day. While we can’t stop that occasional nail or hole from damaging your tires, we do provide a tire replacement service that will help get you back on the road.

Paying attention to our tires is crucial to avoiding the frustration that comes with an unexpected flat. We often don’t even look at our tires until that moment comes and that is our mistake. You can keep an eye on your tire pressure through your vehicle’s dash signals or just performing it manually with a tire pressure checker tool. They can be found at most auto stores. You simply place them into the air tube and they measure how filled the tire is. When tires are low, they are more susceptible to damage. Furthermore, when tires are low they do not move as quickly and they can be more damaged because they aren’t equipped to handle the weight distribution of the vehicle.

Hopefully your perform other basic car maintenance like oil changes so when those occur, make sure your tires filled and rotated. Tire rotation is important to keeping your tires performing best. If one corner of your vehicle is added undue pressure to your tires, by rotating it out, it won’t become as damaged and become the most likely contender for popping.

So come into Datsun Doctor if you need a quick tire rotation or tire replacement service. These small and quick maintenances are the best way to keep your car running safely and for years to come, so call today for an appointment!