Timing Belt Replacement

Timing BeltThey say that timing is everything in life and this proves true when we look at vehicles. Automobiles are machines that utilize power, electricity and timing in order to transport us where we need to go.

To understand the mechanics of timing belts, we must first recognize that vehicles are cause and effect machines. Cars are composed of over one hundred moving parts and all of these parts must be orchestrated in harmony to make the vehicle function properly. If the timing sequence of a vehicle is even off by a few seconds the car can run poorly. That is why keeping an eye on your timing belts is crucial to overall automotive maintenance car and when you need a timing belt replacement, be sure that your bring it a facility with service and knowledge.

Originally, vehicles used a long chain to connect the crankshaft and camshaft together and keep them in synchronization. However, with mechanical advances, a timing belt is more cost-effective and quieter. Make sure that when you are getting a timing belt replacement is the exact match when you are replacing the timing belt.  You’ll notice a few of these timing belt symptoms and know that it is time for a replacement: if are frequently hydroplaning or if you notice excessive noise and vibration or if you haven’t had the belt replaced in at least 5 years.

Remember that your timing belt is the crucial piece of equipment that keeps all the components of your vehicle working together. If you are noticing some of the timing belt symptoms we mentioned earlier or just want your vehicle to have a little check-up, bring it into Datsun Doctor. We have years of experience handling any number of mechanical problems for Asian-manufactured brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and others. Bring your vehicle to the Datsun Doctor, we have the prescription for your problems!