Suburu Repairs, Parts, and Servicing

Suburu Automobile Logo“Confidence in motion” is the slogan for the Japanese automobile company Subaru. Subaru is the 22nd largest automobile manufacturer in the world, promoting comfortable and affordable midsize sedans and compact cars. Subarus came to the United States in 1968 and set up shop in Philadelphia and have since been making their mark on the American roadways.

Subarus are known for affordable and compact cars but they can have a few problems depending on the model. The most complained year of Subaru is any from 2008 and most often the complaints are regarding the Subaru Outback, one of the most popular models of Subarus. Subaru Outbacks were the off-road vehicle for Subaru, lending to its name, but if not handled with care, the Outback can quickly develop mechanical problems. Subarus often have transmission difficulties which any mechanic will tell you is one of the most expensive problems to have.

The Subaru Outback isn’t the only model that needs a lot of attention, the Impreza, released in 1992, has the most transmission difficulty of the Subaru brand. Usually beginning after about 6,000 miles, transmission problems that early into a car’s life can be frustrating and expensive, anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. That is a lot of money to put into a new car! So if you are thinking of purchasing a used Subaru, be sure to avoid this year and model.

Other common Subaru repairs include: air conditioning system leaks, front suspension problems, head gasket leaks and oil coolant ring leaks. All of these Subaru repairs are relatively small ones that can be addressed quickly, if they are addressed. If not, problems like oil coolant ring leaks, can be catastrophic is left unattended. If you are about to purchase a Subaru, whether it be used or new, be sure to look out for these much-needed repairs. You can bring your Subaru in to Datsun Doctor and we’ll give you the stamp of approval or help you get the repairs that you need.