Shocks and Struts: Shock Absorber Replacement and Strut Repairs

Shocks and Struts are like the elbows and knees of the car. Without them, the car’s movements can become hindered and the price can change. But before we get into shocks and struts repairs, let’s discuss the difference between the two and what they do for the vehicle.

To begin, not every car is equipped with shocks and struts, they either have one or the other. If a car has a particularly noticeable bounce while driving down the street, it can become irritating to the driver and can put unnecessary strain on the vehicle. Shock absorbers and struts take the vertical energy produced by a bouncing car and transfer that into heat energy, in order to stabilize the motion, they absorb the shock and give structure to a balanced car.

Now in order to know if you need a strut or shock absorber replacement, there is one easy to perform test that can help you find out. On each corner of your car, push firmly on the end. Release the corner when it is the down position and if it continues to bounce, then you likely need new shocks and struts. They need replacement most often after about 50-100,000 miles and be sure to replace them in pairs so that one corner of your vehicle isn’t in need of repair.

Without paying attention to these features of your vehicle, you can retain a lot of tire damage because of the repeated, weight of the car falling onto the shocks or struts. Shock absorber replacement and strut replacements are common repairs for vehicles, so if you have an Asian-manufactured car and are sick of the bouncing in your car, bring it to Datsun Doctor for an inspection. We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of car troubles and repairs, so let us take a look and give you a clean bill of health!