Mitsubishi Repairs, Parts, and Servicing

Mitsubishi Automobile LogoTranslated to mean “three rhombi,” Mitsubishi is known as much for their three diamond symbol as they are known for their affordable sedans and compact vehicles. Mitsubishi automotives is actually part of a conglomerate Mitsubishi Group that played a critical role in the now prominent industrialization of Japan.

Although known for their affordability and comfortable cars, Mitsubishi automobiles do have a host of problems. What should be understood about automobile repairs is the difference between an easy repair and a problem that could become dangerous. Let’s explore these differences and see what you can do about any Mitsubishi repairs that you need performed.

The model and year of a car can be major factors in determining what problems are in store. Out of most reviews, the Mitsubishi Galant appears to have the most complaints filed against it for problems like stalling and transmission failure. While these are serious mechanical problems, it should also be known that most Mitsubishi problems tend to occur once a car has passed the 100,000 mile mark. But these are also good examples of necessary repairs–if a car isn’t moving even when in gear, that can become an extremely dangerous situation especially if one is in the midst of traffic. Transmission failure is the auto equivalent to having a heart transplant, a very necessary procedure and very expensive.

Other models to be concerned with are the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mitsubishi Lancer. Along with the Outlander, these are the most recalled Mitsubishi models. Always find out if there was a recall for your car’s year and find out what the recalled was announced for. For any and all Mitsubishi repairs, bring your vehicle to Datsun Doctors. We have years of experience in Asian-manufactured cars and have handled all kinds of different Mitsubishi problems. Give us a call today!