Mazda Repairs, Parts & Servicing

Mazda Car LogoMazda are known for their speedy engines and sleek, compact designs. Mazda was founded in 1920 and named for the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony in Middle Eastern cultures. After a brief ownership with Ford Motors, Mazda was able to regain control of their stocks in 2010. Although they have full control of their stocks again, they might want to take a look at some of these common Mazda repairs and complaints.

Mazda are known for their speed and standard engines however there are some major problems that cause some owners serious distress. Most commonly, clutch failure is reported with Mazdas, especially more recent models like the 2010 Mazda3. Even more frustrating is that these problems occur at only 20,000-30,000 miles for the Mazda3. This kind of issue is serious in cars of this standard because Mazda’s are a standard engine. When the clutch fails, the car cannot be moved, and you could be left unexpectedly stranded.

Other commonly reported problems for Mazdas are transmission failure. Transmissions are important for converting speed and torque in order to keep fuel consumption low but maintain speed by transmitting the engines power to the wheels to make them move at the speed required.  Transmissions are critical to the performance of a vehicle and according to most consumer sites, older Mazdas have a high preponderance of transmission failure. Be sure that if you are considering purchasing a Mazda that you have these problems looked at immediately by professionals like Datsun Doctors. We have years of experience in repairing Asian-manufactured cars, both standard and automatic. So bring your Mazda repairs to the good Datsun Doctor and let us see if we can get your vehicle back into tip-top shape! Don’t let frustrating or possibly dangerous repairs go without attention, call today for an appointment.