Isuzu Repairs, Parts & Servicing

Isuzu LogoNext to Mr. Henry Ford’s Model- T, Isuzu is one of the oldest brands of automobiles still available. Began in 1916 when a Tokyo shipbuilding company partnered with an electrical company in order to begin producing automobiles for a burgeoning, but high demand market. In Japanese, Isuzu translates into “fifty bells” but sometimes all those bells and whistles for your Isuzu may need a little bit of maintenance. When you need Isuzu repairs, bring your automobile to Datsun Doctors and get your car back in tip-top shape.

The worst model recorded for Isuzu repairs are the automobiles manufactured in the year 2000. Most Isuzus are SUVs or mini-SUVs particularly the Rodeo and Trooper, they are designed for off-roading expeditions and easily maneuvering around difficult terrain. Although Isuzus are still being produced they have taken a backseat to other more popular Japanese brands like Toyota and Honda. So if you are looking to purchase a used Isuzu, be sure that you know some of the problems you might be inheriting.

The model that seems to give owners the most trouble is the Rodeo. Some of the common complaints that Isuzu owners have about this model is there is engine failure, the rear suspension separating from the body, and transmission failure. These problems are both serious and expensive and better to know ahead of time rather than later. In addition to the added expense, when these malfunctions occur during driving, it can be extremely dangerous. So if you are in need of Isuzu repairs or are looking to purchase a used Isuzu, come to Datsun Doctors first to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. We have a large inventory of parts and years of experience specializing in these kind of cars so you can trust in the work happening to your Isuzu.