Infiniti Repairs, Parts & Servicing

Infinity Auto LogoInfinitis have gained a lot of attention in the last 10 years. They became a symbol of luxury without an outrageous price tag and consumers flocked to dealerships in order to purchase one. While some Infinitis are performing well in the driving market, there are some models of this popular brand that are giving owners a lot of headaches and empty wallets.

There are about 33 different Infiniti models currently. Infinitis are most noted for their sleek, elegant and almost futuristic appearance but there are some models that are not functioning as needed. If you are to look on used car sites, especially ones open to the public, you’ll often find any number of used Infiniti models being resold 5-7 years after purchase, a highly unusual statistic for an Asian manufactured vehicle. Any 2003 model Infiniti is under serious investigation and should be bought with caution as well as any Infiniti G35 as they receive the highest level of complaints. The most commonly reported complaint with Infinitis from 2002-2010 is steering rack leakage, oil sludge build up destroying engines, as well as a complete loss of electrical power. All of these problems can be a death sentence for your Infiniti if you aren’t preventative about maintenance or aren’t doing your research before purchasing a new Infiniti.

An Infiniti repair shouldn’t have to go on forever. Often when you take a vehicle into the dealership for servicing, you still leave with a problem. Infiniti repairs can be of higher cost but if you go to the right professionals that it can be one-time expense rather than a repetitious hassle. If you are considering purchasing a used Infiniti, we suggest that you bring it into Datsun Doctor beforehand so that we can avoid any serious or expensive problems down the road.