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GEO Car LogoIn case you don’t remember, Geos were a brand of cars introduced in the early 1990s through GMC’s Chevrolet division. Largely small, compact cars, GEOs are commonly in need of repairs, not because of their design but because of their age. Geo is a steady, reliable car but if the parts aren’t updated and regularly maintained, this nostalgic car can quickly fall into disrepair.

There are several popular models of Geos, most notably, the Geo Prizm, Metro, Storm and Tracker. These cars were popularized through 90’s television series and movies yet they present a different picture today. Where there was once a neon lightning bolt across the body of the Geo Tracker, this has now been replaced by demure colors and a more angular carriage. The Geo Tracker was the longest running model for Geo until being replaced with the Chevrolet Equinox in 2005.

Because of their age, it is both wonderful and frustrating when you need Geo repairs. Besides aesthetic changes, the most common listings for Geo repairs include failure in the alternator, which provides electrical power to the car when the engine is on and then recharges the battery when the engine is turned off. It is understandable why this would be a serious concern for Geo owners. Other complaints concerning Geos are that the reverse mechanism would not engage after about 100,000 miles. These problems are troubling because most Geos bought today are used with over 100,000 miles so many new owners may not be aware of these problems until after they have made their purchase.

If you have made a recent Geo purchase or are looking to renovate your current Geo, come to Datsun Doctors. We specialize in models of all ages and eras. Before you buy, make sure your vehicle has a clean bill of health from Datsun Doctor. Call us today to set up an appointment!