Car Suspension Repair in Waterford Township, Michigan

Your car’s suspension can be paralleled to the bones of your body. You need that basic skeleton to act as a framework for movement. And if you have a broken bone, the rest of your body is off kilter. Well, a vehicle works much in the same way. The suspension is how your car distributes the weight and energy of the motor throughout the tires and when your suspension is unbalanced, it can be dangerous for you and your car.

You’ll notice that you need a car suspension repair if you feel that tell-tale tilting of the vehicle. Often, after a car hits a large hole or bump at a high speed, then the suspension can become unbalanced. You can usually tell if you need a car suspension repair if your steering wheel is noticeably vibrating. If your seat is vibrating loudly than your rear suspension likely needs to be balanced.

You may not be bothered by the tilting, the pulling or the vibration that your vehicle is producing but you are putting hundreds of dollars of damages into your vehicle. So many people will just keep simply repair the symptoms of an unbalanced suspension without getting to the root problem. An unbalanced suspension can cause major tire problems, steering difficulties and other major problems, so do yourself and your vehicle a favor and bring it into the Datsun Doctor so that we can make our diagnosis.

Datsun Doctor has years of experience handling all makes and models of Asian manufactured cars and the repairs that they need. Bring your vehicle by and let us see if we can get you back and up and driving with better safety and efficiency features. Call Datsun Doctor today at (248) 666-1350 for an appointment.