Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Car Heater Problems

There is nothing like sitting in traffic, 100 degree weather, with no air conditioning. Or worse, having to walk to your car in single degree snow and finally getting there and having no relief from the freeze in your bones. No matter where you live, dealing with the polars of weather can be a tough battle only made worse if every moment spent in your vehicle is uncomfortable. So get comfortable driving again and call Datsun Doctor for your auto air conditioning repair needs.

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to your lack of air conditioning or heating in your car. It could be a misplaced fuse, a broken wire, or a refrigerant leak or a number of problems. Now,  you can either face the brutal heat wave of the summer and the hypothermic temperatures of the summer without A/C or heating, but why put yourself through that kind of frustration. Instead, bring your Asian-manufactured car into Datsun Doctor and we’ll get you set up right for whatever the seasons have in store.

As we said earlier, there a few problems that could leading to needing an auto conditioning repair. Your cooling fans may not be turning on but all you need to fix that is replacement fans. Refrigerant is a crucial element to keeping your air conditioning and heating system lubricated and working properly. To fix that, all we need to do is replace the O-ring or find the leak and seal it.

If you notice your heating system is having trouble keeping your cabin toasty warm, there are a few things that could be going wrong. The thermostat in your vehicle, what opens when it is warm and closes when its cold, might be stuck causing you to have too much or not enough A/C or heat. There could also be a hindrance in your vehicle’s coolant flow causing the coolant to congest in the heater core. With a quick drainage and replacement, this problem can be resolved. If you haven’t noticed, all of these problems are easily fixable which makes us wonder again, why wouldn’t you fix these problems?

Bring your vehicle into the Datsun Doctor and let’s get your temperature right!