Nissan Repairs, Parts & Servicing

Nissan Car LogoNissans represents about 8.5% of the market share of American car market, coming in behind brands like GMC, Mazda and Toyota. Perhaps the reason that Nissan is having such difficulty getting ahead of major names like these is because of the manner in which their cars are manufactured. While Nissan has a number of different types of models to fit any buyers lifestyle, there are certain Nissan repairs that just seem to come with the territory.

Luckily at Datsun Doctor, we have years of experience handling and repairing Asian manufactured cars so if your Nissan is acting up, bring it for a check-up with the Doctor. The model that has garnered the most complaints from drivers is the Nissan Altima. If you are searching to buy a used car, you’ll often find that Nissan Altimas are one of the most popular brands of selling cars and this is directly related to the common repairs needed. Complaints for the Nissan Altima range from “excessive oil consumption” to “engining burning oil.” Both of these problems can be extremely expensive if not dealt with by a professional. So if you are need of Nissan repairs, bring your car into Datsun Doctor and let us see if we can fix your problem.

2003 Nissans have the highest rates of problems so be sure that you have a clear and legitimate title from whomever you purchase a used Nissan from. When cars are burning oil or using too much oil it means that there is a mechanical failure within the car’s engine. Not only will you paying more for gas but oil is used in engines to help lubricate the moving pieces of the car, having to replace oil again and again because of oil loss can become expensive and frustrating. So let us take a look at your Nissan and see if we can get to the bottom of the problem.